It’s no longer about how much you can market…

…It’s about how you’re resonating for your clients.

Happy family near new house.


Selling homes requires selling.  And the simple truth is that impersonal and old school sales and marketing tactics just don’t work in today’s world.

People are looking for deep connections and a sense of community.  So if you’re not offering something that connects with homebuyers in your marketing, you lose.




Selling homes successfully requires thoughtfulness, planning and creativity
to touch the hearts of buyers.

Our videos help homebuyers emotionally experience homes in a way that a still photo could never do. Still photos are staged, soulless, empty rooms of a home that simply can’t capture the heart of a buyer the way a well-produced video does.


Connecting with people…

is what sells homes.

Connecting Houston Home reflects a completely fresh, new and effective approach to real estate.  We bring the story of home experience to video.



Is your buyer a single mom?

She’d most likely be interested in seeing what it feels like to move through the house, and where the light switches are in proximity to the room entrance. Knowing how close or far the neighbors are might matter to her.  Still pictures can’t do that.

Is your buyer a senior couple?

They would be thrilled to know that when walking through the home there aren’t many steps and level changes.  It would set them at ease to know that the hallway is wide enough for a walker.  Still pictures can’t do that.

Is your buyer a college student?

He’d probably want to see some highlights of the community.  It would make him feel safe to know that the streets are well lit at night.  He would like to know what activities and night life are nearby.  Still pictures can’t do that.

Is your buyer a young family?

They would love to see how close the children’s bedrooms are to the master suite by seeing someone move through the space. They’d appreciate seeing how much traffic drives past the home.  Still pictures can’t do that.

Is your buyer a commercial investor?

They need to know that their investment is going to return for them. They want to know about location and highly traveled roadways passing right by their business. They want to know about employment that spurs shopping. And they want to see all that activity. Still pictures can’t do that.


When a buyer can envision themselves living in your home… it’s as good as sold.

We customize a video package for you that will help meet the needs of your buyers and tell the story.

Based on the story you want to tell, and the content you want to share, we develop, write, script, direct, shoot, edit and produce a video that touches hearts and inspires action.


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