How Will You Deliver?

What will you do in 2013 to better serve your customers and clients?

I don’t know about you, but I feel 2013 is a turning-point type of year. Although the future is uncertain, as it always is, I sense a sort of energy that is feeding opportunity.’s article “10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2013” ( says it like this:

“2013 will be the perfect storm of necessity and opportunity: some economies will do OK(-ish), others will be shaky, but whatever market or industry you’re in, those who understand & cater to changing consumer needs, desires and expectations will forever have plenty of opportunity to profit. A remapped global economy, new technologies (or ‘old’ technologies applied in new ways), new business models… hey, what’s not to like?” has identified over 10 crucial consumer trends that I believe warrant evaluation and consideration for your business and marketing efforts in 2013.  In fact they don’t just warrant it, they command it.

Consumers are savvy. They don’t want to be sold. They want a relationship with brands, products, and services that enhances their lives. As it is in any relationship, listening to the other person in the relationship and helping him/her get what he/she wants helps the relationship flourish. This isn’t just for personal relationships. It’s critical in your relationship with your customers and clients. So what to do in 2013?

I encourage you to read this “10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2013” article and apply it to your business. Here is a list of each topic you will find in the article with an added ‘real estate’ infused perspective and questions to consider:

  1. Presumers & Custowners – Look at ways consumers are participating with brands. How do consumers participate with your brand? Are there new ways to participate?
  2. Emerging – What markets do you cater to? Are there new emerging opportunities?
  3. Mobile Moments – Consumers want to maximize every moment, and they do this via their mobile device. They want more content, more connection, more fun – just more! How can you apply this to your business and marketing plan?
  4. New Life Inside – Products must give back. Enough said. How will you give back?
  5. Appscriptions – states, Digital technologies are the new medicine.” How are you leveraging the real estate apps to make life easier for your customers and clients?
  6. Celebration Nation – While the topic here is celebrating new ‘it’ cultures, how about staying with ‘Again Made Here’ (see #8) and celebrate 100% American made?
  7. Data Mining – Consumers want to be involved with the data they provide, but on a simple level. Remember to serve; don’t bombard.
  8. Again Made Here – Local is taking on a deeper meaning. Data shows consumers select “Made in the USA” brands over others. How can you apply this preference to your business and marketing? How can it benefit your customers and clients?
  9. Full Frontal – Brands must move from only transparency to true authenticity. How can you improve your brand to be genuinely, transparently authentic?
  10. Demanding Brand – Back to the relationship. Demanding brands want consumers to contribute too. This leads to engagement. How will you engage your customers and clients in a meaningful, sustained manner?

So how and what will you do to understand and cater to your customers’ and clients’ needs in 2013? How will you serve? How will you deliver? The opportunity is now. The opportunity is yours.

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Christy Stratton

Christy Stratton is a creative marketing strategist with over 18 years of combined experience impacting visibility, profitability, and performance of diverse organizations and is the founder and real estate marketing strategist of Connecting Houston Home, a company designed to connect homebuyers to the true essence of home and community or other features of real estate using amazing videos that give a glimpse into their endless possibilities, and inspire them to purchase!

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