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Last month’s article focused on’s top 10 2013 trends. I thought some of the trends warranted further focus, thus this month the topic of discussion is Trendwatching’s number 3 trend: Mobile Moments.

As I write this, I just received a webinar invitation to a class featuring education about mobile marketing in 2013. This is just one of hundreds of opportunities to learn about mobile marketing. Mobile marketing and the discussion about it is everywhere.

According to Inman News and the host for the webinar, “mobile use is up over 128% over the last 18 months with more buyers and sellers searching for information on tablets, iPads and smartphones.”

Our information is gained on the go. We expect to be able to connect immediately and obtain the information we want. If you can’t download that information in seconds, we move on. Mobile is here to stay and is only growing and playing a more and more important role in communications.

But like me, you are probably a bit overwhelmed by it all. There is so much to know and it all changes in a warp speed – like fashion.

So what can you do to make mobile a mainstay in your marketing communications? I like to look at 3 simple steps for just about anything:

Step 1

First, assess your knowledge of mobile marketing. Are you reading this asking, “What is mobile marketing?” Do you know enough that it makes you feel dangerous? Or do you feel that you have a solid understanding about mobile marketing and the know-how as to how to use it in your marketing efforts? Evaluating your current knowledge level helps you to determine the next step to take.

Step 2

Once you’ve determined your mobile moment’s know-how level, now it’s time to move on to the next step. If you are a novice, start small. Do some reading and research. Inman News is a great place to start. Also, eMarketer is an excellent resource. Find a few leading social media and mobile marketing educators through an Internet search or associations to which you belong (HAR, GHBA, etc.). Chris Smith is the Chief Evangelist of Inman News and a mobile technology speaker, blogger, and consultant extraordinaire. He’s a great one to follow. If you are a mid-level mobile moment type, continue online learning, but here, consider hiring a mobile and/or social media consultant to help you. And if you feel you are up to speed, keep ahead of the changes. Plan for the future. Do continuous research. Keep learning. You can never stop learning or adapting to the changes.

Step 3

And third, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into action. This step is the same for all levels. Take what you’ve learned and put it into an easy to develop, easy to implement one-page action plan. Start with a goal based on your level of mobile savvy. List the specific actions that you will take to begin to integrate mobile into your marketing plan or amp up your efforts, commit to deadlines as to when you will accomplish each, and determine how you will evaluate the results you anticipate or seek.

Then sit back and take a moment, and pat yourself on the back for the steps you’ve taken. But don’t relax too long for there’s already something new out there for you to learn.

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