Help buyers feel as if they are walking through it themselves! They will experience the living areas of each home, see rooms and other highlights and learn about the details, all set to natural light so that you get a true sense of what the home really feels like.

    for DEVELOPERs

    Buyers can experience what it’s like to live in a community before they arrive! Our community tour videos showcase schools, lifestyle, recreation and entertainment, shopping and dining hot spots, commutes, and more all from the convenience of a computer or smart phone.


    Capturing the fun of an event and sharing it with guests is a great way to carry on the wonderful experience. And guests love to share their experience with others! Event videos give viewers an inside look at the exciting happenings.

Capture the True Essence of Home & Community… Sell More Homes
  • Video Sells Homes

    Video allows homebuyers to emotionally experience homes in a way that a still photo could never provide.

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    Here's a snapshot of how our video marketing can help you whether you're a realtor, developer or just looking for a new home.

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Real Estate Video Marketing…

Sell homes different.  Sell homes better.  Sell homes faster.

What if you could touch the hearts of house hunters in a way that no property listing ever could?
What if your property could get 5x more exposure than it’s getting now?
What if you could sell twice as many homes, twice as fast?


We work with home builders, developers and Realtors® who have gorgeous homes for sale that people would easily fall in love with… if only they could figure out how to get their property to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Christy Stratton

In a sea of cold and impersonal home listings, nothing compares to the wonderful, cozy sensations house hunters get when they’re able to get a deeper look into the communities, homes and lifestyle that make up Houston!

It’s our passion and joy to connect you to homebuyers using amazing videos that give a glimpse into their endless possibilities, and inspire them to buy.

~ Christy Stratton

Connecting Houston Homes has been a wonderful partner to work with as we introduce the world of video as a means of PR into our marketing mix. Through very well-executed video, commentary, and photography, the product provides us a compelling voice in outlets such as Facebook and YouTube as well as our own managed website.– Pulte Homes (Kimberly Paulus)

Connections are the new currency


video-connecting-houston-home-139x300Have you noticed the major shift in marketing these days? It’s all about making true connections and getting personal.  It’s no longer about how much or how well you can market, but it’s about how you’re resonating in the hearts of your potential clients.

In this new paradigm of marketing, people want the outcome, they want to see the transformation they’ll get before they invest in anything.  Decisions are based on how they feel and then they justify their decisions afterwards with their mind.

Everybody has a hungry heart. Humans thrive on interpersonal connections – we’re all meant to be happy, social creatures with purpose. That’s where we come in and help you connect to consumers and create this bond by extending a personal part of homes, commercial properties & the community through video marketing.

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